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Newsgames 2014

After Buzzfeed has revealed ambitions to create a studio for news games quite a bunch of people are showing new interest in interactive forms of journalism. And a lot of stuff is going on in various parts of the media ecosystem. We – the Good Evil Game Studio – are happy to be part of the movement. After having organised Europe´s First Newsgames Hackathon with a lot of fantastic people we had the chance to present, discuss and try out the topic at the Reporterforum at Der Spiegel in Hamburg, at the Games For Change Europe Conference in Paris and at this years Reeperbahnfestival and the Play14 conference. Check our Vine-Prototypes from the workshop here. And if you want to start doing Newsgames. Do it. And make sure to check out our Newsgames Idea Generator.

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Publishing a Newsgame

Publishing in the digital age is pretty simple. You upload a folder. And that is all. You and me and everybody we know are publishers. We all know that this leads to a situation of constant content overload and many many shrugs while people use… Read More


Programming a Newsgame

We wanted to present you a playable game today! Obviously we are not. We were to ambitious. The rough prototype was working yesterday. But now the game has some issues. It does not work in some browsers and there is a bunch of little but… Read More

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Designing a Newsgame

The most important part of a game is its mechanic. The very best graphic design and a stunning soundtrack will not pay off if the core is flat or poorly executed. However a brilliant mechanic alone will not automatically make a fantastic game. There is… Read More