Newsgames 2016

Good day! Welcome on my little website about Newsgames. There is not that much going on here due to the fact that i am busy running a Game Studio and running around talking about Newsgames at various places like the Global Editors Network summit in Vienna. Check out the panel here. Or read the article on And make sure to check the Nieman Storyboard Story. Otherwise drop me a line and we can talk about the combination of games and journalistic content. We at the Good Evil have recently done some game design for the infamous german tv-show Heute Show. You can check out Metadatensauger and Debatten-Debakel. Right now we are working on a game for the public broadcaster RBB. It will include a fox. That is all we can say right now. Some month ago we published the Media Freedom Navigator – a mobile website about freedom of press indices. It includes a quiz. More infos can be found in the Newsgames section at the Good Evil (mostly german), on my personal site (mostly german) and some actual stuff  on Twitter (mostly english). Feel free to ask if you want to know more. For starters: Here is an faq in german i compiled some time ago. If you want to have your very own Hackathon. We can help you. We have organized Europe´s first Newsgames Hackathon and the first one in Switzerland too. You want to start right now: Try our Newsgames Idea Generator.