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Programming a Newsgame

We wanted to present you a playable game today! Obviously we are not. We were to ambitious. The rough prototype was working yesterday. But now the game has some issues. It does not work in some browsers and there is a bunch of little but vicious bugs. As always.

If we have learned one thing during the last months it is that developing games takes time. And the finishing and polishing takes a hell lot of time. One of the major problems of Newsgames because News is a major part of the composed noun. An while working on the actual project time flies, things evolve, change and you can not do very much but  watch how other news appear on the general agenda.

That is why clever people are working on game generating tools which for now happen to remain in some sort of beta-status but might one day help solve the magic triangle problem. Time is short. Quality is supposed to be high. And yeah the cost should be – well – moderate. We played around with Game-o-matic but it did not produce anything useful in our case. We have heared from other projects and are very curious even if we are not convinced yet.

I imagine these frameworks as some sort of pre-designed theme. And everybody who has ever played around with these when it comes to website-design knows that the real mess begins when you start pimping these the way you actually want or think that you want to.

Whatever. The Good Evil promised a #Newsgamesweek. And this is what you get. Day three. Two more to come…



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