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Looking for a Newsgame Wiki

This is a screenshot from “Pico´s School” an early Newsgame from 1999. I found it in Mark Nelson´s Newsgame Index that ends 2008. There have been other similar attempts to gather information about Newsgames. Mathias Poulsen set up a Tentative list of “Newsgames” – latest update: 101 days ago.

You can find the Gotham Gazette Games Archive and some Games about current Events at Games for Change and the article A Brief History of Newsgames but i have not found an overall Wiki that tries to bring all attempts to play the news together. No surprize: The Wikipedia article Newsgame is still a stub. And there is not even an entry for the beautiful french word “jeuportage” – that i learnt from Florent Maurin who runs a french Newsgame Blog for Le Monde.

Do you know of any other attempts to present some sort of archive or catalog for Newsgames? Do you think that such a thing would be useful and worth the effort? Can anyone recommend an easy and proper Wiki solution?

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  1. Florent Maurin

    Thanks for the quote, Marcus !
    I think the idea is brilliant. I do not know any such attempt (except the ones you mentioned), and I’d be more than happy to contribute if you set something up.
    I’ll just not be able to do it in the upcoming weeks. We’re in a bit of a turmoil, struggling to finish our… newsgame ! Tough job ! ;-)

  2. Marcus

    He Florent,

    thanks for your answer! Obviously something like a Wiki is missing. Actually right now i am working on my very first … newsgame as well ;)

    Good luck with your game. I am really curious about the result. Let´s just not forget the Wiki-idea….

  3. Hi,

    It really is a good question, Marcus, yet it seems the answer is “no”. There are some different archives, but no one which appears to be maintained and updated.

    My list was a very rudimentary attempt; more of a quick effort to compile a list for some articles, I was writing at the time.

    Seeing the incredible amounts of buzz surrounding the notion of “gamification” these days, and the relatively comprehensive wiki for that subject, I am definitely reminded, that we need something similar for newsgames. I would clearly support a wiki, and would also like to contribute to one such initiative.

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